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Top Grade Freeze Dried Fruit Powder

Good quality Male Enhancement Powder for sales
Good quality Male Enhancement Powder for sales
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Excellent customer service, fast shipping.

—— Janet Street

This is my second order. Shipping is super fast but most of all communication is top notch! Keeps you informed and answers all questions in a timely and understanding manor. I will be placing regular orders from here on out. Happy From Florida USA

—— Holly Veres

Great company, great product, great transaction, no issues, 10/10.

—— Johnny Atman

Good service

—— Asing Empeni

The company is realiable and flexible for customer needs. My rating would be 5 out of 5. Another important point to ponder is that extremely professional in communication and reliant

—— Arvind Sharma

High quality, delivery fast, perfect after sales, very excellent cooperation. We ordered many times.

—— Ain Syahirah

We ordered items many times, like the quality, especailly fast delivery. Thanks!

—— Charles Yona

Free sample offered several times before we ordered, very good support, we need to order all the time. Happy!

—— Alexa

Thanks for patience for my different sample, realiable quality and good test result.

—— kyoungho Lee

Very good communication all problems solved, satisfied with my purchase.


It was good because it packed well by 1 kilo. We plan to conduct a demand survey once a year. Though the amount is small, I would like to thank you every year from now on.

—— Onam Kwon

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Company News
Top Grade Freeze Dried Fruit Powder
Top Grade Freeze Dried  Fruit Powder

1. Natural Freeze Dried Red Dragon Fruit Powder Pitaya Extract Powder


Top Grade Freeze Dried  Fruit Powder


Products Dragon Fruit Powder is made of good fresh dragon fruit concentrate through the method of spray drying.It still remains both the flavour and nutrition of dragon fruit. Our company’s Dragon fruit powder has good water solubility and very convenient for making drink. So it has a unique fragrance and taste and full of energy and nutrition.

1.100% natural.
2.No synthetic pigments.
3.No chemical essences or flavors.
4.No preservative agents.
5.Good fluidity and dispersible in water.
6.Long preservative time than fresh fruit.
7.Easy for transportation due to powder form.
8.Made from the seasonal fruit, ensure the freshness and nutrition.




1. Full of Vitamin C for Whitening skin
2. Dispel internal heavy metal,detoxifcation
3. Improve body immunity, protect eyesight
4. Lower cholesterol, anti-cancer




1. Applied in food field.

2. Applied in the functional health product field.


2. Natural Freeze Dried Passion Fruit Extract 


Top Grade Freeze Dried  Fruit Powder


Passion fruit  can be eaten or served as vegatables,beverages,can be made into aromatic drinks,can also be used to add in other beverages to improve tha quality.Nicepal Passion Fruit Powder is selected from fesh passion fruit,made by the world's most advanced spary-drying techology and processing,which keeps its nutrition and aroma of fresh passion fruit well.Instantly dissolved.




1. Passion fruit powder can regulate neurological stability, including mild sedative and anxiolytic effects.
2. Passion fruit powder can inhibit the smooth muscle spasm, including the digestive system.
3. Passion fruit powder can slow the speed of food through the digestive tract.


3. Natural  Freeze Dried Durian Fruit Powder


Durian is extremely nutritious because it is rich in B, C and E and with high iron content. Eating durian is alleged to restore the health of ailing humans and animals. Pillow durian is a lot of more phyletic, including gold, gourd and the gentry treasure, such as varieties, durian fruit a globose or elliptic, skin yellow, outside, look like jackfruit, the individual is bigger, about 20 cm in diameter, generally has the size of a coconut, 1-1.5 kg. 


Top Grade Freeze Dried  Fruit Powder




1. Breast enhancement

2. Antioxidant and anti-aging

3. To protect the liver

4. beauty

5. diabetes

6. Protect the uterus6

7. Lower your cholesterol




1. Biscuits : Indough and cream filling.
2. Bakery : Bread and Cakes.
3. Snacks : Extruded, sheeted snacks , nuts, popcorn and potato chips.
4. Ice Cream and Ice lolly.
5. Beverage, Dairy products and Yoghurt.
6. Confectionary : Hard /Soft and Jelly Candies.


For more information, please visit our website http://www.plantbased-powder.com

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