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Nuciferine-Natural Weight Loss Ingrdients

Good quality Male Enhancement Powder for sales
Good quality Male Enhancement Powder for sales
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Great company, great product, great transaction, no issues, 10/10.

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Good service

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It was good because it packed well by 1 kilo. We plan to conduct a demand survey once a year. Though the amount is small, I would like to thank you every year from now on.

—— Onam Kwon

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Nuciferine-Natural Weight Loss Ingrdients
Nuciferine-Natural Weight Loss Ingrdients

Natural Nuciferine Lotus Leaf extract P.E.powder

Lotus Leaf

Lotus leaf, also known as lotus stem, lotus stem.Lotuses are the leaves of lotus, a perennial herbaceous plant of the genus lotuses.

Lotus flowers generally grow to 150 cm tall and extend horizontally to 3 meters.Lotus leaves up to 60 cm in diameter, the largest lotus diameter up to 20 cm.


Lotus Leaf can be  weight loss

Nuciferine-Natural Weight Loss Ingrdients 


Nuciferine has the remarkable health care function 

Because of the fat cells in the body is not sensitive to insulin, patients, reduce glucose how total fat, cholesterol, triglyceride and free fatty acid increased.The hyperlipidemia and high lipoprotein hematic diseases, this is induced diabetes atherosclerosis, coronary heart diseases, the basis of cholelith diseases,Hypertension and other diseaseBecause of the fat cells in the body is not sensitive to insulin, patients often reduce glucose tolerance, total fat cholesterol,Triglyceride and free fatty acid increased, the hyperlipidemia and high lipoprotein hematic diseases,This is induced diabetes atherosclerosis cholelith diseases, hypertension diseases to the as coronary heart diseases, Nuciferine decomposition to reduce body fat effectively,Improve the perception of insulin, prevent fat disease.


Natural Lotus Leaf Plant Extract Powder from China Forest Like

Nuciferine-Natural Weight Loss Ingrdients



1. Health care products containing ginkgo biloba, wolfberry and mint leaves.

2. Lotus leaf fat-reducing biscuit and its preparation method.

3. A natural lotus leaf tea.



1. Applied in food ,nuciferine powder, informs the as additives.

2. Applied in health care product, nuciferine powder used as raw materials.

3. Applied in beverage field, nuciferine powder used as raw materials.

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