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Natural Fruit Hawthorn Extract Powder

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Good quality Male Enhancement Powder for sales
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—— Onam Kwon

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Natural Fruit Hawthorn Extract Powder
Natural Fruit Hawthorn Extract Powder

What Is Hawthorn ?


Natural Fruit Hawthorn Extract Powder


Hawthorn is one of the most popular herb medicine used in European for many years. Hawthorncontains various compounds such as procyanidins, flavonoids that exhibit antioxidant properties. Hawthorn Extract is made from the tiny red berries that grow on the Hawthorn shrub .Hawthorn Extract is widely used as a heart tonic, particularly in Europe.


Introduction Hawthorn Extract 


Hawthorn extract has been popular for centuries as a means of assisting with cardiovascular health. It is believed that hawthorn, a native to Europe, North America and Asia, has been trusted for easing sore throats, treating heart ailments, and reducing the retention of water. The hawthorn shrub consists of a thick brush and thorny branches. 


Natural Fruit Hawthorn Extract Powder





1. Help digestion function.

2. Protect vascular endothelial cell function.
3. Enhancing immunity and the ability of antivirus and infection.
4. Eliminating eyestrain, improving eyesight and delaying cerebral nerve to aging.
5. Softening blood capillary, enhancing the heart function and resisting cancer.
6. Improving the urinary system and preventing urinary tract infection.




1. Applied in health product field, it is used to preventing of rheumatism, adjusting estrogen level.

2. Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is used to treating arthritis and postpartum syndrome.
3. Applied in cosmetic field, it is used to delaying aging.


Production process drawing


Natural Fruit Hawthorn Extract Powder


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