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Ginsenoside 80% Ginseng Extract For Improving Immunity

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Ginsenoside 80% Ginseng Extract For Improving Immunity
Ginsenoside 80% Ginseng  Extract  For Improving Immunity

What Is Panax ginseng ?


Panax ginseng has been credited with various nutritional tonic properties with a history of over 4,000 years.Ginsenoside is the main active ingredient of ginseng, and most of the research on ginsenoside at home and abroad focuses on ginseng root.However, many studies in recent years have reported that the content of ginsenosides in ginseng stems and leaves is higher than that in roots, and leaves contain a large amount of ginsenosides Rb3 , while roots contain morginsenosides Rb1 and Rc.


Ginsenoside 80% Ginseng  Extract  For Improving Immunity


Description :


Ginseng extract can significantly increase the production of human skin fibroblast type I collagen without cytotoxic effect.Compared with the control group, ginseng extract can increase the synthesis of collagen by 55.1% at the concentration of 100 g/mL.This study further evaluated the effect of the main chemical components in ginseng extract on the synthesis of type I collagen.The results showed that compared with the untreated control group, Rb3  significantly increased the production of type I collagen.However, Rb2 has a weak promoting effect on collagen synthesis of human dermal fibroblasts.Therefore, the results showed that ginsenoside Rb3 participated in the promotion of collagen synthesis of human dermal fibroblasts by ginseng extract.


Ginsenoside 80% Ginseng  Extract  For Improving Immunity




Ginseng extract can remove free radicals, excessive has antioxidant properties, combined with its promoting the effect of type I collagen synthesis, and can achieve better anti-aging effect, moreover, the study found that in the fibroblasts induced by UVB light aging model, ginseng extract can adjust MAPKs and NF - kB signaling pathways at the same time, the inhibition of MMP - with the exception of MMP - 13 l secretion, light aging resistant.


Anti-wrinkle effect:


Anti-wrinkle effect of ginseng extract.The cosmetic formula containing 0.05% ginseng root extract was applied to the skin around the eyes and tail  of 17 volunteers for 8 weeks.According to the analysis of crow's feet, compared with that before application, using this formula for 8 weeks can significantly improve the fine lines of eyelids.


Ginsenoside 80% Ginseng  Extract  For Improving ImmunityGinsenoside 80% Ginseng  Extract  For Improving Immunity




















Ginseng extract the active ingredients of ginseng saponin Yu Genzhong not only exist, also exists in the ginseng stem leaf so extracted from ginseng stem leaf and root of ginseng extracts have skin care effect, it has been widely used in cosmetics industry, long as antioxidants skin conditioner and scalp conditioner is added to cosmetics.

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